Is it soda? Is it coffee? No, it’s a 3D Halloween costume

SodaStream pranks Nespresso with this cutout costume.

People like to dress everything up for Halloween – their tiny babies, their dogs and cats and, apparently, even their appliances.

Home soda making system SodaStream has unveiled a printable Halloween cut-out sheet that consumers can put over their SodaStream devices (that helps carbonate drinking water) to dress them up as Nespresso coffee machines, pulling a social media prank on the home coffee brand.

The 20-second video shows the cut out being folded, step-by-step and being placed on top of the SodaStream machine.

If you’re also interested in a DIY approach, you can procure the print-out for yourself here. Might make for a good prank on your guests who are expecting a nice, smooth espresso and instead are met with a fresh, fizzy drink.