Burger King feeds your nightmares

The "Nightmare King" Halloween burger is "clinically proven" to ruin your REM sleep.
Burger King

Burger King is arguably already the king of wacky advertising, but for Halloween this year it’s making a run for the title of “Nightmare King.”

Earlier this month, the burger joint released a Halloween burger that it claims is “clinically proven to induce nightmares.” That claim was backed up with a highly scientific study that – believe or not – actually featured a real doctor and real research.

The chain studied 100 unlucky souls, feeding them a burger with beef, chicken, American cheese, bacon, mayonnaise and onions (with the requisite green bun, for added effect) for 10 nights, while monitoring their REM sleep and tracking their brain activity, breath and heart rate.

Turns out, eating the Nightmare King before sleep caused the incidence of nightmares to increase by 3.5 times, according to Dr. Jose Gabriel Medina, the somnologist and lead doctor behind the study, who is featured in the ad.

The burger is (fortunately?) no longer available. We just hope the test subjects recover.

Burger King
Agency: David Miami

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