An arabesque for the non-dairy-esque

Forma's print ads for Silk go back to the feel-good heyday of milk ads.

For years, we’ve been inundated with advertisements about how strong milk makes you – how a glass of 2% (or, if you’re some sort of monster, skim) keeps your bones healthy, your teeth white and your overall life in tip-top shape.

Well, for those of us who either choose to abstain from dairy for personal reasons or those who aren’t able to consume for health reasons, it’s not often advertising helps us feel strong or athletic. Non-dairy milk has, in the past, been seen as the milk of hippies, the types of people who say things like “chakra Caesar salad” without an ounce of irony.

Well, those days are gone. A new print ad by Mexican agency Forma shows that non-dairy milk ads can be just as aspirational. Silk, which makes a variety of nut- and soy-based milks, is seen splashing into a glass with the milk  forming the shape of a beautiful ballerina in an arabesque, highlighting both elegance and athleticism.

For those who prefer their sports a little more rough-and-tumble (although this Stim writer invites you to stuff your feet into pointe shoes and execute 32 fouettés if you really want to get tough) there’s also a version with two young soccer players.

It feels like a delightful throwback to the feel-good milk advertisements of the 90′s, proving that anyone can be strong regardless of their dietary choices.

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Client: Silk
Agency: Forma Mexico
Creative director/art director: Rodo Morfin
Copywriter: Alejandro Lev
Illustration: Franco Ferrari, David Jiminez