Arkells take fans into the creative process

From a pizza-fueled kid choir to a NOLA brass chorus, here's what we learned.
rally cry

There are few current Canadian bands with the mass appeal of Hamilton’s Arkells. High off the release of their fifth studio album, Rally Cry, the peppy rockers have transcended from campus rock to stadium anthems.

Like them or not (but really, who doesn’t like these guys), Arkells have developed a reputation for being very fan-first – which is why their current trend of breaking down the writing process for their songs has been so classic-them.

On both Instagram stories and Twitter, the band has taken fans into the writing process for ballad “Show Me Don’t Tell Me” and now the triumphant “Eyes on the Prize.” Check out the highlights from the latter, from the adorable (pizza-fueled) kid choir to the NOLA brass-inspired chorus.




The people’s champs, indeed! We’d love it when bands – and cartoonists, and writers, comedians and more – take us behind the scenes of the creative process. It reminds us that art is for the people, while showing us all the hard work that goes into creating it.