It’s the most magical shirt of the year

Out with the ugly sweaters. In with a gingerbread man riding a piece of pie.
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You know what we love about this time of year? (Almost) everything. The lights. The songs. The smell of pine needles (and the self-satisfaction of knowing you’re better than the people who chose to get an artificial Christmas tree. Like, what the hell?). The hot cocoa. The ugly sweater parties.

No, wait. Hold up. Insert record scratch sound here. We want to make one thing clear: we’re over ugly sweaters and ugly sweater parties. In fact, we’ve been over them since before people started trying to make them A Thing in 2008 or so. In the immortal and utterly devastating words of Fergie, ugly sweater parties are so two-thousand-and-late.

You know what? This ends here. We declare 2018 the year that ugly sweaters are officially over.

What should replace it? Well, I mean, people could try just making actual jokes and learning to laugh at things that are truly funny again, but they could also try Pizza Pizza’s Magical Holiday Pizza Shirt.

The Magical Holiday Pizza Shirt is exactly what it sounds like. It’s got pizza. It’s got holiday imagery. And damn, it’s got magic. It was created and designed by The Local Collective, with PR support from The Colony Project. While the smiling gingerbread person certainly does give it a holiday vibe, it actually seems like the kind of thing you could wear any day of the year. Magic, indeed!

Although the shirt is (allegedly) magic, you don’t actually have to go to any crazy, magical lengths to get one. All you have to do is order two large pizzas from Pizza Pizza. Boom. The shirt is yours, and you’re the best-dressed person at this holiday party.

(While we’re at it, you can stop talking about whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie. No one cares.)


Client: Pizza Pizza
Title: Pizza Pizza: Magical Holiday Shirt Campaign
VP, marketing: Alyssa Huggins
Marketing director: Amber Fancy Winters
Creative director: Raymond Luk
Marketing manager: Haley McDonough
Agency: The Local Collective
President and CCO: Matt Litzinger
Managing director: Kaitlin Doherty
Solutions and insights director: Lauren Brown
Creative director: Pepe Bratanov
Production Company: Skin and Bones
Director: Taso Alexander
Editing company: The Assembly
Editor: Tom Williams
Audio/music:  The Post Office

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