A ‘scents’ of occasion

You all know how a long brainstorm session feels. Now you'll know how it smells.

I love the smell of agencies in the morning. Smells like…

… coffee?

… old takeout containers?

… pure, unadulterated stress?

Okay, so it’s kind of hard to actually imagine what an agency smells like. After all, 82-message-long email chains don’t have a smell. But Central Station – “Scentral Station,” as it’s known this season – has come pretty close.

For the holidays, the agency decided to bottle signature agency scents. Now, when you’re looking for something to soothe you after you’ve been CC’d on yet another department-wide email that has nothing to do with you, you can reach for a calming dab of lavender and rose. Or, if it’s casual Friday and you’re really happy to show off that pair of skinny jeans (the ones without the pizza stains) and you want a bit of blood orange and patchouli to complement that feel.

Agencies are great at telling visual stories, they’ve mastered the written word and they’ve crafted excellent sonic campaigns. But we’re super-impressed by Central Station’s ability to capture the scent of the creative industry (next year, we’d love to taste an “annual performance review” candy cane, just saying).

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