Fake it til you make it

We live in the era of fake news, why not fake holidays?

Nothing is real anymore.

The news? Fake. Delicious food in advertising? Fake. Bob Barker’s death? Fake (and thank God). Your friends? Fake, dump them. Trump’s hair? Questionable.

Agency Wax has decided that you need a fake holiday to go along with all that fake in your life. So it’s created a site with free-to-use photos to post on social and convince your friends you’re having a way better holiday than you actually are.


There’s hot cocoa, perfect cocktails and even a chubby-but-cute puppy!


Because let’s face it: your holiday probably sucks. Odds are, you’re spending it stuck at your agency until all hours of the night, listening to one of the custodians’ vacuums in lieu of a nice jingle (or, worse off, you’re stuck listening to those weirdos from Fuse). You leave super-late and miss your holiday party, and you wake up the next morning too grumpy to muster a smile when you unwrap yet another bottle of Writer’s Tears Irish Whiskey (get it? Because you’re a copywriter! And writers have sad lives)!


The captions are so snarky, we’re starting to wonder if perhaps Wax has some pent-up issues with the holidays.