Go ahead, have a peace

This holiday, give the one thing we can all bond over: chocolate.

The holidays are going to be an indulgent time no matter what. So why not give your friends and family some sweets that give them a warm, fuzzy feeling by showing support for two marginalized groups in Canada?

Peace By Chocolate is run by the Hadhad family, who had spent more than 20 years making chocolate in Syria before their factory was destroyed in a bombing, forcing them to flee their country. Eventually welcomed to Canada as refugees, the family settled in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and opened their new chocolate venture in 2016.

Peace by Chocolate offers all of the services you’d expect from a high-end chocolatier, offering catering for big events and gift boxes full of artisan chocolate (including a special holiday pack). But the big attraction is their Peace Bar, which aims to spread its “One Peace Won’t Hurt” motto by having the word “peace” emblazoned across the wrapper in a different language.

The bar – made from milk chocolate and hazelnuts – now appears in languages including French, Punjabi, Arabic, Spanish and Scottish Gaelic, and will soon be available in 20 languages in the near future. In the summer, it also released a number of special editions for Pride. But, in recognition of the original people to occupy the land that is now home to their chocolate factory, the very first bar was named after the Mi’kmaq word for peace, “Wantaqo’ti.”

When the Peace Bar was released earlier this year, Tareq Hadhad said the company’s mission was to translate a message of peace to every Canadian. But they felt like they should do something to contribute to “noble” truth and reconciliation processes, reaching out to local Mi’kmaq leaders for guidance and translation. Now that’s a wholesome holiday message.