Moon me

What's not to love about a 3D-printed replica of a celestial rock in lamp form?


Kids, you shouldn’t drive high. But you can (and should) shop stoned. Coincidentally, that’s how my household became the lucky owner of this sexy orb of light.

Ask yourself, how does one resist an IG ad with a carousel featuring this $40 celestial space body when you’re, um, a little spaced out? You don’t. Admittedly, I was not the chief decision-maker on this particular purchase, but I’ve selfishly come to think of this decor find as my own.

Each night, before bed, I remotely control the moon light from under the covers, spending way too much time flicking between colours. I get approximately one eighth less hours of sleep, thanks to my new evening fixation. My most-oft picked hue is blood moon red. But the 3D-printed moon (of which it’s an exact replica¬†– seriously, just the coolest) also offers LED white, and those wackier colours like blue, green, purple, orange. And when I’m really in the mood, the disco jam setting can be a nice touch after those painfully boring and colourless days.

Next on the shopping-while-high list, the levitating moon lamp. Natch.



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