A gift for the office dogs

We assure you, this is not a $3,800-per-month downtown Toronto condo.

According to the Little Book of Lykke (luh-kah – danish for happiness), more money (and more things) do not lead to more happiness.

Once we feel secure that our needs are covered, higher disposable income does not correlate to higher levels of happy. According to Lykke author and Happiness Research Institute CEO Meik Wiking, we typically just find ways to amp up spending to whatever level actually disposes of that income. Which does nothing positive for our happiness index, but does spike anxiety.

No wonder so many people turn to pets as the antidote – one addition that does buy happiness and reduce stress. And as the high-pressure scenario of working in advertising keeps ratcheting up the things-to-panic-over factor, there are a lot more “rescue” dogs working their therapy magic across the industry.

With all the agency world doggos working overtime combating stress, they sorely need their own comfort remedy. Since most work scenarios won’t welcome therapy squirrels, we suggest adding a canine oasis to your holiday list.

In the spirit of pampering Fido, and indulging in conspicuous consumption that may actually lead to happiness, head to Etsy for an artisanal mid-century dog retreat.

For a mere $4,834.92, Rover can take a well-deserved break and float off to squirrel-chasing dreamland, refreshed for that next round of deadline petting-assistance. It’s a gift the whole office will benefit from.

dog house 1

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