Go take a Hike

That's what this beer brand said to its old logo after 14 years.

Now that the shortest day of the year (Dec. 21) has passed and the days are getting just a little longer, it’s basically summer, right?

This beer design definitely makes it feel like we’re a little bit closer to July. But Hike, a mass market beer produced by one of the biggest breweries in Ukraine, wasn’t always so sunny and funky.

Hike was known for an old-school logo that didn’t exactly convey craft, which is why it challenged BBDO to create an edgy new visual identity for it in order to compete with the craft beers and cider that have overtaken the market. After 14 years, Hike told its old logo to go take a hike.

BBDO’s new logo for Hike is, well, all logo. The agency removed standard beer clichés – hops, mills, barrels – and instead opted for a font-first design. The new design is bold, minimalistic, yet still expressive. And for some reason, the campaign kind of makes me want to go dance or, er, go for a hike.

1_farewell_to_boring_beer 2_farewell_to_boring_beer 3_farewell_to_boring_beer 7_farewell_to_boring_beer 10_farewell_to_boring_beer


Client: Hike
Agency: BBDO Ukraine

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