Go out and play

Artist Michael Pederson delivers an absurd twist on the great outdoors.

We’ve seen some fantastic immersive creative in the out-of-home space over the years. There’s no denying that. One needs to only look at the Ad Club’s annual OOH showdown – or Astral’s Carte Blanche awards – to see the impact that cool, innovative outdoor advertising has.

But we’re not going to lie – for every talking outdoor poster or dayparted, weather-triggered billboard creative, we think there are tons more opportunities for marketers to get out there and actually get creative with their surroundings. Take Toronto-based Consonant Skincare as an example: the brand actually used the environment of Toronto’s Queen Street West to showcase its product features in a way that proves that innovation doesn’t need to be digitally programmed.

For brands and creatives looking for ways to have more fun with outdoor ads, we think street artist Michael Pederson would be a great place to start.

Most people hear “street artist” and they think of discreet taggers, or deep-thinking provocateurs like Banksy. But Pederson, who pushes out projects under the name Miguel Marquez Outside, has a slightly more lighthearted take.

His art largely centres around dropping a silly, yet professionally made, sign or plaque in a public area to lampoon the natural surroundings. He’s worked with miniatures to celebrate the littlest plant life, created instructional signs on how to properly enjoy a picnic¬†and made us feel awfully bad for leaves.

Here’s some more of our favourites:

You can see more of his work here.