Roberto Bardin's photos are a melancholy (yet surprisingly effective) way to promote McDelivery.

Rain, rain, go away.

This ad’s by TBWA.

Some days call for staying in. They call for blankets. They call for Netflix and aromatherapy diffusers and #selfcare.

But part of #selfcare is in eating totally indulgent, cheesy/meaty/pickle-y/bunly goodness. And let’s face it, you don’t want to make that yourself. That’s why McDelivery exists. And that’s why TBWA/Paris created this advert.

But this isn’t some sort of hyperactive, technicolour, hyped-up McDelivery ad. Instead, there’s an artsy edge to the images, which were shot by photographer Roberto Bardin. Bardin’s photos are a little melancholy, a little cozy and very Paris-in-the-springtime.

It makes us want to cozy up with a good book. And some fries.

mcdelivery 1 mcdelivery 2 mcdelivery 3


Client: McDonald’s France
Agency: TBWA/Paris
Photographer: Roberto Bardin