Every #&^! morning

Optimist Creative wants us to say no to torn-up toast.

Is there anything more relatable than waking up in the morning, taking out a nice, tender, soft piece of whole grain bread and, in the process of trying to spread your rock-hard, puddy-like butter, you tear it a new one. Those seeds come off the bread and onto your knife, the little flakes of oats and quinoa detach from the bread and tumble to the floor, there’s suddenly a hole in the middle of your slice and, to top it all off, your chunk of butter has barely spread from it’s tiny little centre blob.

That’s why this Estonian advertisement for Philadelphia Cream Cheese depicts a dramatized – but not all that far-off – portrayal of how hard it can be to spread butter. Between the passed-out labourers and some poor sucker on a steamroller, things aren’t looking good for the piece of bread.

Philly’s slogan? “Soft. Unlike butter.” Bold move, Philly, bold move.

It was Optimist Creative that came up with this print ad, which we personally think is the greatest thing since sliced bread (well-suited, since cream cheese is the best thing to come out of Philadelphia since Gritty).


Client: Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Agency: Optimist Creative, Tallinn, Estonia
Creative director: Magnus Lužkov
Art director: Agnus Laane
Digital artist: Meelis Kr