A campaign that’s all vapour and mirrors

Health Canada tapped agency Banfield to reach youth with an anti-vaping ad.

With vaping rising in popularity, educational and cautionary campaigns about the dangers of vaping have been creeping up.

Now, Health Canada has issued a new ad with a new target: kids and teens.

Vaping has drawn criticism from several advocates because it is sometimes portrayed as a healthy alternative to smoking, even though vaping also has many serious health risks. Youth advocates have also pointed out the risk of manufacturing tasty, “kid-friendly” vape flavours like strawberry and bubblegum, which advocates say can prompt an attraction to vaping by children.

Health Canada tapped Ottawa-based communications agency Banfield for the campaign. The “Consider the consequences of vaping” campaign lists the potential damaging effects of vaping as various teens contemplate whether or not to take the risks. It uses bright colours and thumping music to catch the attention of even the most distracted digital viewer, and stylizes the vapour clouds to symbolize the possible long-term effects.

Banfield claims the ad is the first Canadian anti-vaping ad to target youth.


Client: Health Canada
Agency: Banfield