Tim Hortons rewards its superfans

Timmies shoots and scores with a new loyalty program.


After serving up Double Doubles and Timbits for decades, Tim Hortons has finally served up a rewards program for its very devoted customer base. This program is clearly for Canadians who call their local shop Timmies and the cashier at said Timmies knows their name and order by heart.

A new 31-second spot makes it clear the new program is indeed for the coffee chain’s many superfans. The short-and-sweet spot shows there are few things as Canadian as sipping on Timmies coffee early in the morning at the ice rink, or late at night in a hospital room, or in the rain, or in the sun, or during a polar vortex.


And like two of its main rivals, Starbucks and McDonald’s, Tim’s is encouraging customers to download its app in order to rack up Tims Rewards any time, anywhere.


Advertiser: Tim Hortons
Creative agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo