Liquid Death claims to ‘murder your thirst’

The marketer selling water in cans seemed to be trolling the internet and it worked.


Liquid Death seems like a joke, but apparently it isn’t.

An article by Business Insider  about the new water brand sold in tallboy cans for the, er, “straight-edge punk crowd” has been covered by several mainstream sites and riled up many on social media this week. Former Netflix creative director Mike Cessario has raised US$1.6 million and told Business Insider he’s marketing Liquid Death to those who are “looking for a water brand that spoke to them, instead of to ‘Whole Foods yoga moms.’” Hard eye-roll emoji.

“In 2019, if you want to communicate this is small and craft, you have to look and sound and do things that a big company would never do,” Cessario told Business Insider. “Everything we’ve done so far has been so scrappy, and we’re excited to continue scaling our efforts, especially marketing.”

Some of that marketing so far has included the video below, called “Hey Kids, Murder Your Thirst,” which I guess is supposed to appeal to young bros?

As a millennial woman I am clearly not the demographic for this water, but I hope marketers are not inspired by this insipid (and successful) effort to get media attention. The most offensive part of this ridiculous branding exercise (other than the sexism) is that Cesario claims “aluminum cans are more environmentally friendly than boxed or bottled water.” You know what’s actually an environmentally friendly way to consume water? Drinking tap water out of a reusable glass or water bottle.

Now that’s punk.