Schmidt’s Naturals deodorant ‘actually works’

The trendy brand aims to change 'the way you think about natural.'


Deodorant is not so hot right now.

A frankly shocking (at least to me) poll by YouGov found nearly 40% of 18 to 24-years-olds say they haven’t applied either deodorant or antiperspirant in the last month. The number only goes slightly up for the 25-to-34-year-olds who were polled, with 31% of whom also said they hadn’t used deodorant in the last month.

In the midst of what can only be called sweaty season here in Ontario brands like Schmidt’s Naturals, which sells deodorant sans artificial fragrance or aluminium, is aiming to become the alternative for a generation that is (more so than older generations) not wearing deodorant or antiperspirant.


While the polling company does not explain why Gen Zers and millennials are eschewing deodorant as an Old Millennial I’m going to chalk it up to the Goop Effect, wherein celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow have convinced many people there are dangers lurking in all our beauty products regardless of whether there’s actual hard science to back those fears up or not. Case in point: Schmidt’s top seller, according to its website is the very trendy charcoal option, which has also shown up in things like soft-serve ice cream and bottled water in recent years.

I, myself, have fallen victim to this admittedly vague sense that natural deodorant must be “better for me.” But let me tell you the beautifully packaged, pricey natural stuff I’ve tried did not work. At. All.

But Schmidt’s (which I have not tried) insists its products do “actually work” in new ads, featuring bright colours and visually striking deodorant sticks.

Also, Canada’s very own Justin Bieber has been slated to launch his own natural deodorant line in partnership with Schmidt’s (which is owned by Unilever) soon. I Beliebe if anyone can heat up the deodorant category again it’s the pop superstar, to which I and others with noses will be eternally grateful.


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