We’re sweet on Halo Top’s sour ice cream man

Ads by 72andSunny show the dark side of a summer icon.

Is there anything sadder than an adult man donning an apron, bow tie and (for some reason that’s lost on me) a white paper hat to sell fresh-faced kids ice cream from his truck?

This set-up is usually celebrated as being happy in movies, TV and ads, but the people at Halo Top Creamery know the truth: the men stuck selling ice cream out of their trucks are probably a bit sad.

Enter the bright brand’s “Ice Cream for Adults” ads, which have the ice cream man serving up sour bon mots instead of sweet treats.┬áThese ads are so aggressively acerbic I may finally pony up the money to buy the very L.A. brand, which launched in Canada last year, after becoming a cult hit stateside.

I hate sickly sweet ads, so these sarcastic ones have me not only screaming for Halo Top ice cream, but for more of the same. A super-dark Dairy Queen ad? I would be here for it and bet other cranky adults would be too.


Advertiser: Halo Top Creamery
Agency: 72andSunny