A parent’s Trojan Horse

Rethink and Cassie + Friends hide toys in bath bombs to trick kids into the tub.


My kid runs to the bath when called, said no parent ever.

How is it that we spend the first nine months of our lives happily soaking in embryonic fluid – yet after we’re born, we scream bloody murder when mum/dad sticks us in the sink and starts the totally unnecessary (to a newborn) cleaning ritual? The “bath time” dread continues to grow as we age, as does our parents’ impatience.

The trick to tricking kids into getting into the tub is to use some sort of bait. A toy inside a bath bomb will do.

Foam Ease was developed by Rethink for juvenile arthritis non-profit Cassie + Friends with the goal of helping children with inflamed and stiff joints.

A 15-minute warm bath is all they need to ease their pain, and the bath bombs keep kids stay in the tub as they watch it disintegrate and release a hidden toy, while essential oils and epsom salts help to promote circulation.



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