An ode to body autonomy

Anna Goodson's socially conscious coaster campaign declares: "We are artists, hear us roar!"

coastersFor women, it always feels like there’s someone telling you what to do with your body. Gain weight. Lose weight. Have kids (but not too many kids). Wear something different. Grow your hair out. Wear your makeup differently (but not too much). Get your teeth fixed. Wear different shoes. Have sex (but not too much sex).

Montreal-based illustration agency Anna Goodson Illustration has launched a new iteration of its annual coaster campaign. Now in its 18th year, the initiative invites more than 40 of the agency’s international illustrators to create original coasters pertaining to a socially conscious theme. This year, it was #OurBodiesOurChoices.

While that phrase is most commonly associated with the pro-choice movement, it also supports a more general message about body autonomy. Goodson said in a statement the message is that women should get to choose what’s best for them – whether that’s dancing, letting their bodies grow and change, breastfeeding or not allowing others to legislate their choices.

Because the coasters (which are sent to clients and shared with the agency’s friends) are designed by different artists, each conveys not just a unique scenario but also a unique style and flair.


Agency: Anna Goodson