Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?

Swiss freerunner Andri Ragettli makes the mundane utterly ridiculous.

This Stimulant writer has a flair for the dramatic. Fake eyelashes? Yes please. High heels? Oh yeah. Hyperbole? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Coincidentally, this Stimulant writer also has a tendency to make things harder than they are – something fairly common in creative fields. For example, why make this piece under 200 words when I could crank it up to a cool 450? Why submit a back-of-a-napkin room layout sketch when I could hand-draw an entire layout at scale, with professional-level shading and everything?

Still, this drama queen has nothing on Swiss Olympic skier and free-runner Andri Ragettli.

Ragettli may have taken home hardware for his skills on the mountain, but his Instagram is filled with absolutely ridiculous videos of him pulling off the most nail-biting parkour stunts – like seeing how many different ways he can flip off of a bridge, or variations of your standard game of catch.

But this latest video is so tense, and at the same time so ridiculous, that you just can’t stop watching. And if you’re the type who likes to make their tasks harder than they have to be, you just might relate to it a little bit.

In this extreme rendition of “The Floor is Lava,” Ragettli cycles, bounces, balances, flips, rides and rolls his way to the finish line – oh, and throw in some juggling while you’re at it!

If you’re a creative, this feeling might be comparable to over-preparing for a meeting where you end up being called on exactly once, or maybe putting all your effort into a draft that your supervisor barely glances at.

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Floor is Lava – Parcour 4.0‼️

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