Forget your troubles, come on, get hoppy

You can now put some hop in your sock as Muskoka's Hopsonic IPA Mixer Pack is available in 1950s old-timey radio packaging.

It’s difficult for millennials to comprehend, but there was a brief period when humans forgot they were visual creatures, and would gather around the radio for kicks, listening intently to serials or whatever it was that passed the time before the cathode ray tube was (mercifully) invented.

So, what better way to conjure up nonexistent memories of subpar entertainment options explained to you by your grandparents, than with an old timey radio?

Muskoka Beer is rekindling the magic (such as it is) of radio with a beer mixer pack inspired by ’50s radio – even throwing a milkshake beer into the mix, inspired by one of the pop culture touchstones of the era and far easier on the taste buds than a hair grease IPA.

So, for the beer lover in your home, and that special someone with misplaced nostalgia for a medium nearly dead – save for the car commute – you can bring home your very own radio beer case.

Grab a mixer pack at the your local LCBO, or at the Muskoka Brewery “Tap” Room (this is a reference to kegged beers and not to the Vaudeville dance craze, but with a brand that’s this gaga for the past, one can never be too sure).

For those of you who appreciate things half an hour later – in Newfoundland – it can be procured there too (and soon will be available in Alberta).