Join Gary’s Hug Club

There is a plush version of the CBC Kids mascot for anyone afflicted with the unbearable need to snuggle a unicorn.


The holiday season is about two things: reflecting on lessons learned over the previous year, and toys. And during my meditation this year, I came to a conclusion that we, as a country, need to embrace.

Gary the Unicorn is the cutest thing on TV right now and the greatest contribution the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has ever made to to this country’s cultural fabric.

Luckily for those who find themselves suppressing the urge to reach through the TV and give the CBC Kids host/mascot a good squeeze (or for anyone looking to buy a present for a kid, I guess) there is now a plush version of sweet Gary. It is 10 inches tall and comes with an automatic membership card for Gary’s Hug Club (if you are unfamiliar with Gary’s Hug Club, check out the collection of videos the next time you could use a pick-me-up. It is also my only goal in life to become a member).

The plush Gary was made by Happy Worker, a Toronto-based toy maker. If you’re looking to buy for someone who obsessed with other, less cute contributions institutions like CBC or NFB have made to Canadian pop culture, I recommend you check out its selection of enamel pins.