Design work that’s as soothing as it is sexy

The Local Collective has completed a soft, sleek and totally stimulating global design project for We-Vibe.

The Local Collective has debuted its latest design work, and, as the kids say, issa vibe.

Wow Tech Group operates vibrator and accessory brand We-Vibe, and worked with Toronto-based Local on a new packaging design strategy. The resulting packaging will be used on the products across nearly 60 countries in four continents.

The packaging designs are specifically for a new product, the We-Vibe Chorus. The packaging design is soft, it’s soothing and it’ll probably even make you rethink any preconceived notions you have of sex toys.

(Minor confession: thisĀ StimulantĀ writer thought the products were video game controllers at first, but chalk that up to naivety and sleek, innovative and fun package design).

we-vibe-3 we-vibe-2 we-vibe-1

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