Damn it feels good to be an influencer

There's a fine line between mainstream and influential. It's okay, we can ride it out together.

There’s a special, once-in-a-lifetime feeling you never forget. It’s not your first kiss with someone special. It’s not the first time you hold your child. It’s not the unadulterated excitement of getting your first job.

It’s the first time you go over to your friend’s place and you see that they’ve purchased a piece of furniture that you also own. It’s the highest compliment one can achieve; it’s a key tenant of millennial life and it’s absolutely glorious.

For the last year, Canadian furniture retailer Leon’s has made a concerted creative effort to appeal to millennial sensibilities with its “Surprisingly Stylish” campaign through AOR Bimm. The campaign launched in mid-2019 and features an intentionally insufferable young hipster couple who are just in love with their furniture from Leon’s – ah, excuse us, Lé Ons – and want everyone to know about this trendy new boutique (or national chain… To-may-to, to-mah-to).

Now the couple is back, and they’re in a new stage with their furniture: they’ve become influencers.

At least, that’s what they determine after their friends share that they too have bought some furniture from Leon’s. Of course, they’re much more low-key about it, but that doesn’t stop the couple from reveling in their newfound status as influencers (even if it might mean that they’re – gasp – mainstream)!


Client: Leon’s
Agency: Bimm
Editing: School Editing