2019 Agency of the Year showreels: Part I

John St., Zulu Alpha Kilo and Edelman show the value of a pitch-worthy deck, maintaining agency independence and celebrity endorsements.
Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 3.46.49 PM

Every year, strategy devotes time during the Agency of the Year celebrations to the showreels, videos the shortlisted agencies use to self-promote, poke fun at the industry and slip a few filthy words into the proceedings. For your virtual viewing pleasure, here are a few from the 2019 show. 

Zulu Alpha Kilo

Indie agencies using their showreel to reassert how much they value their independence is becoming something of a tradition during AOY. This year, Zulu Alpha Kilo takes up the fight through the metaphor of a lemonade stand owned by a young man named Billy.

John St.

Another Agency of the Year, another “new offering” from John St.: Decksecution, a service based on the idea that a solid deck can sell anything, from diarrhea-inducing chips to dog vapes.


Some heads turned when Edelman, traditionally known as a PR agency, found its way to the main Agency of the Year shortlist. Apparently, it wasn’t just the ad industry that had thoughts about the accomplishment.

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