The ADCC can rest easy

A 24-hour webathon raised the money needed (and then some) to keep Canada's oldest industry club alive.

This past Saturday, at around 6:00 A.M., pandemic sleeplessness had taken hold. So I popped out of bed and, naturally, tuned back into the ADCC All-Nighter, now some ten hours into its 24-hour, live-streamed fundraiser.

The All-Nighter’s host Christian Goutsis, from 6Degrees, lay peacefully on a pillow. He spoke softly into the camera, bleary-eyed and cognizant that few people were likely watching. (It was just past 4:00 A.M. in Calgary, and there were, in fact, some 13 people tuning in). After presenting the next segment – a two-hour reel of past ADCC winners – he tucked himself in, resolved to get some shut-eye.

Goutsis, ADCC leaders, agency partner Zulu Alpha Kilo and the local and global industry talent who contributed to the fundraising effort, can now rest easy. The event has generated more $71,000 to date – more than the $50,000 needed to save the ADCC . And it’s not too late to donate or to bid on a few remaining items up for auction.

The livestream contained a mix of live and curated content featuring a number of prolific names from the advertising and design community. Zulu founder and CCO Zak Mroueh interviewed David Droga and Alex Bogusky. Edelman global CCO Judy John spoke to Canadian expats Colleen DeCourcy, from Wieden+Kennedy, and David Kolbusz, from Droga5 London. A panel voted on the top 10 Canadian ads of all time. And much, much more.

The full 24-hour livestream is viewable on the ADCC’s YouTube channel. Viewers can also check out a highlights sizzle real and some of the talks below.

Client: Advertising & Design Club of Canada
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Creative director: Zak Mroueh
Designer: Jeff Watkins, Vince Rozas, Zoe Kim
Writer: Nick Asik, Jackson Kemp, Dan Cummings
Art director: Jenny Luong, Michael Romaniuk, Vic Bath
Clients: Michelle Ovcaric, Andrew Simon
Account team: Erin McManus, Nina Bhayana, Rob Feightner
Planner: Tim Hopkins
Digital producer: Michael Oshell
Senior producer: Rebecca Adams
Editor: Felipe Chaparro, Ashlee Mitchell, Jessie Posthumous, Noah Mroueh
Post production producer: Sarah Dayus
Post production: Zulubot
Studio director: Greg Heptinstall
Studio artist: Ashleigh O’Brien, Jeannette Downes, Andrew Martin
Audio house: 6Degrees
Host: Christian Goutsis

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