From mosh pits to zombie hoards

Montreal's Monster Factory creates voices for zombies, beasts and demons using the expertise of heavy metal singers.

A newly assembled group of voice talent in Montreal feels right at home in the booth – as well on the stage and in the pit.

Monster Factory is looking to be a major player in the city’s voice acting and vocal effects field, housing talent with up to 14 years of experience working in video games and film, specializing in all things mean and scary, like zombies, monsters and demons. Its actors have worked on major motion pictures like The Colony and Devil’s Gate, as well as Capcom’s Resident Evil and Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia video game series.

Founded by Sébastien Croteau, Corinne Cardinal and Jeff Mott, one of the shop’s other differentiation points is that all of its sounds are completely organic, without the use of digital effects. But how do they do that, considering the characters they are voicing are anything but natural? They use metal singers.

In addition to being experienced voice and effects actors, all of Monster Factory’s talent have also been active in Montreal’s heavy metal scene. It may seem a bit silly, but any fan of the genre will tell you that metal vocalists need a great deal of finesse in order to make the loud, guttural and, yes, sometimes scary sounds. A number of those working for Monster Factory are also experienced in other forms of music, from classical vocal techniques to Inuit throat singing, giving them even more expert control over things like breath, volume and vocal chord manipulation.

If you aren’t convinced, Monster Factory created a video showing, as its name suggests, a lineup of actors providing the sound effects for a zombie hoard. Try closing your eyes, you can almost see them shambling up to your window (Warning: the video starts off loud and a little bit spooky, so check your volume).

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