Angry Orchard offers hard truths from a sassy tree

Arrivals + Departures serves up backhanded compliments to show Moosehead's cider brand is "less sweet" than the rest.
Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 10.40.54 AM

Moosehead’s Angry Orchard has roughly 31% less sugar than a typical cider, making it a perfect fit for the growing number of people looking for “better for you” drinks to kick back with this fall.

But instead of taking the healthy approach that has become increasingly popular with other beverages, agency partner Arrivals + Departures found a different meaning in Angry Orchard being¬†“less sweet.”

A series of short social ads serves up compliments that aren’t as nice as they could be, like the fact that someone’s super cool new job seems so off-brand for them, or that at least half of their outfit looks great on them.

Jeff MacEachern, CCO at Arrivals + Departures, says the campaign is still aimed at conscious drinkers that are looking for “better for you” beverages, but decided to stand out and communicate that by leaning into the playfulness of the scowling and sassy tree that appears on Angry Orchard bottles.

Julia Glynn, assistant brand manager at Moosehead, adds that focusing on “purity” that isn’t compromised with extra sugar is already a big differentiator, as most other cider brands are focused on product novelty and new flavours.

The six-second ads are appearing across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, with a buy handled by Media Experts.

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