Fast internet is really important right now

Zulu Alpha Kilo shows why Bell's internet speeds can help prevent yoga and work-from-home frustrations.
Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 10.51.56 AM

Over the years, Bell has frequently talked about how fast its internet service is. And the events of the last few months may have made it a lot more important for Canadians stuck at home to rely on internet to do, well, everything.

Created by Zulu Alpha Kilo, with production by Skin & Bones, new ads for the telecom brand show what happens when your internet connection can’t support all the new activities you need it to handle. Like when new yoga enthusiasts miss out on the guidance they need to get out of a pose that seems a little too advanced to be trying for the first time in a living room.

Or, when your “thought leader” boss drops a few pearls of wisdom on a shaky feed, cutting out the most important parts and creating more questions than inspiration.

While the new campaign zeroes in on situations that might be more familiar to Canadians during the pandemic, previous efforts to show off Bell’s internet speed have included news anchors and YouTube tutorial hosts “breaking up” with users that can’t offer the stability they need, to ads that compare it to the speeds of the Millennium Falcon.

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