Fun pandemic neologisms benefit mental health orgs

Mixtape's New Words for Now brings a bit of lockdown levity.


Mixtape created a half-dozen playful portmanteaus and placed them on tees as a reflection of our lockdown lives.

The “New Words for Now” campaign includes expressions that sum up what are undoubtedly confounding COVID times and includes terms such as “Zoommates,” people with whom one practically cohabitates with thanks to the online meeting platform, and “Sighfive,” the disappointment felt by being unable to shake hands (not if you’re Jerry or Elaine in Seinfeld, however, both of whom popularly opposed the gesture, saying, “Someone’s gotta take a stand!”)

There are six phrases in total, and they’re featured on merchandise including sweatshirts, tote-bags, notebooks, and masks being sold at,  with all proceeds going to mental health organizations like CAMH and Each item features an illustrated representation of a particular phrase created by Toronto designer and illustrator Sara Kralovanszky.


“What we’re all facing with this pandemic is new and difficult, and we don’t even have the words we need to talk about it,” says Mixtape’s CD Greg Shortall. “New Words For Now sets out to change that in a light-hearted way that recognizes we’re all going through the same thing. Hopefully one day we can look at these items as a memento of these strange times. Almost like a badge of honour: ‘I was there and I got the t-shirt’ – or in this case, the crewneck sweater.”


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