IKEA designs couches inspired by Pride flags

The "Love Seats" gave LGBTQ artists a chance to express themselves as in-person celebrations remain cancelled.

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With in-person Pride celebrations largely scrapped due to the pandemic, it has been a difficult time for members of the community to share their stories and showcase their pride.

In order to give the community a literal platform on which to do so, IKEA Canada has launched a collection of unique slipcovers inspired by the colours of the various Pride flags, release in time to align with Toronto’s virtual Pride celebrations.


The slipcover collection, titled “Love Seats,” consists of ten individual slipcovers. All of them were handcrafted by one of four designers: Bianca Nachtman, Madison Van Rijn, Charlotte Carbone and Ali Haider. Creative going along with the campaign also show individuals and families enjoying the couches.


“Each Love Seat was designed in collaboration with a community member and inspired by the colours and personal meaning of the corresponding flag,” Claudia Mayne, director of marketing communications at IKEA Canada, said in a release. Some of those designs are simply fun and expressive, but some come with a statement, like the bisexual couch, which carries a message about bisexual erasure and people “not believing them” about their sexuality.

“This partnership is our way of helping artists in different communities express themselves on a large platform in a way that’s been tricky during COVID-19,” Mayne says.

In addition to a landing page where members of the community have shared their stories of love and acceptance, the seats themselves will be on display at select IKEA locations across the country during the summer.

transgender flag1 love seat -nathaniel

Title: Love Seats
Client: IKEA
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Audio House: Grayson Matthews
Audio Director/ Engineer: Brian Bernard
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Audio Producer: Nicholas Shaw
Date of First Appearance: June 24, 2021

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