Pizza Hut makes a Hawaiian shirt for Hawaiian pizza

Ogilvy helps Canadians proud of putting pineapple on pizza show their side in the debate.
Pizza Hut Canada-Pizza Hut Releases Limited Edition Hawaiian Piz

If you ever want to start an argument, ask a room full of people what they think about pineapple on pizza.

But Pizza Hut is leaning into the passion – and, in some cases, revulsion – of its pizza-loving audience with new, limited-edition merchandise that celebrates the controversial topping: a Hawaiian Pizza Shirt. The shirt is available as a giveaway from Pizza Hut Canada’s Instagram page.

Inspired by the Hawaiian pattern popularized in the 80s and 90s, the shirt features a number of clever design elements, including a pineapple island and blooming pizza slices – as well as a pizza-shaped pocket.

But Pizza Hut isn’t just serving up a slice of controversy with its so-called “Pizza Wear” – it has also done its research.

That research found 30% of respondents believe pineapple should never go on pizza, with a further 9% going a step further and saying a differing opinion on the topic would be enough to make them reject a love interest.

But that leaves a lot of people who still feel strongly that Hawaiian has its spot on any pizza place’s menu, especially here in Canada, where the recipe was allegedly first born. Pizza Hut is hoping to celebrate the made-in-Canada topping combination by encouraging fans to wear their love of pineapple with pride.

The campaign began on Canada Day, running primarily on Instagram with influencer and paid media amplification, and wraps up today. It was developed in partnership between Pizza Hut Canada and Ogilvy, which handled the creative, production and PR.