When you can’t go far, Niagara Falls is nearby

Amidst continued travel restrictions, a campaign by Zerotrillion shows locals they can still get that vacation feeling.
Niagara Falls Tourism

While the tourism industry has been over a barrel of late, Niagara Falls thinks it offers enough to entice domestic staycationers looking to slowly wade back into the vacation waters.

Two 30-second spots for Niagara Falls Tourism, created by agency Zerotrillion, don’t call out the attractions one would expect to see in a tourism ad for the region.

Rather, it reminds people that Niagara Falls will still give people in Ontario that holiday feeling without having to venture that far afield – by showing people arriving back at their own home at night after making a day trip.

In the first, two parents with sleeping kids in the backseat exchange knowing glances before using the extra time to catch some rest for themselves. In the second, a younger couple still managed to get the hallmark of a trip, with their backseat full of souvenirs.

“The car ride to Niagara Falls isn’t a hurdle for the trip – it’s a feature of it. That hour is time to truly reconnect,” says¬†Zerotrillion’s global CD Adam Fierman. “Rather than highlight the bright lights, great attractions and rushing waters of Niagara Falls, this campaign emphasizes the most important aspect of it: that you can get in your car and just go.”

According to the shop, the campaign marks a shift for Niagara Falls Tourism, which had heretofore sought out a more global audience, one that remains out of reach due to pandemic travel restrictions.

Chantal Suthons, the group’s director of marketing and communications, says its¬†focus was to reverse the wide net it had cast on a global audience and focus inwards on the millions of Canadians who are longing for that vacation feeling during these unprecedented times of restricted travel, internationally and domestically.