RBC sets forgotten suitcases free

The bank's latest spot, by Battery, reminds us what it feels like to have the travel bug.

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By Zeenya Shah

In a campaign that stirs up the feelings of being closeted away and forgotten after almost a year-and-a-half of a global pandemic, RBC wants us to know that it’s time to get out, and get ready to travel again.

As the pandemic potentially comes to an end the brand’s “Forgotten Suitcase” campaign promoting its travel rewards credit card Avion zeros in on the fact that it’s hard for most Canadians to not relate to the lonely traveler’s suitcase.

In the commercial, the suitcase is stored away in a dimly lit closet, while it remembers the exciting trips it once had. Most Canadians are likely to remember what it was like when they could go on trips around the world, with the campaign tapping into the excitement of being able to return to global travel again.

Created by Battery, the spot will air on Canadian TV throughout Olympic programming, and will also run on digital and social.


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