KD fills the Big Dipper with mac and cheese

The brand kicked off a social media contest by naming stars within the constellation after its ingredients.

In August, reports began to come out about several wealthy investors making investments to one day display ads in space, including plans by SpaceX to launch a satellite with a digital screen on it some time next year.

But while there are no banner ads or logos in the sky yet (thankfully), Kraft Dinner has beat Elon Musk to the punch by figuratively filling one of the biggest empty spaces in the sky with KD: the Big Dipper.

Not one to let a pot sit empty for long, the brand used a star registry service to name 21 stars found within the “pot” part of the Big Dipper after things that go into making KD, such as “milk,” “cheese,” “fork and spoon” and “bunchanoodlesstucktogether.”

The stunt kicks off a social media contest for the brand, where Canadians can have their own empty pots filled with KD simply by taking a picture of it and posting it to social media. A total of 250 free Kraft Dinners will be given away through random draws every day this week.

Rethink came up with the creative concept, with Middle Child on PR and Carat on media buying.


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