Lg2 and Circonflex make placeholder text interesting

Now there's a song built around Lorem Ipsum, generic copy used by designers.

lorem_ispong_still 1

Lg2 and Circonflex are doing something smart with dummy text. Lorem Ipsum is placeholder copy used by designers and creatives for previewing layouts and visual mockups. And now there’s a dance song and and a colourful animated video devoted to it, so that both shops can flex their creative muscles by making something interesting out of something very mundane.

Mastered at London’s iconic Abbey Road Studios, the track “Lorem Ipsong” is available on all music streaming platforms along with YouTube and social media. Lg2 created an accompanying video that animates the lorem ipsum text, bringing life to words that are largely gibberish.

“We know that creatives are part of an international community and lorem ipsum is the universal language that we all use,” says Paul-Étienne Côté, CEO and founder at Circonflex. “We made this track to bring the industry closer together around our shared language—the first song created just for creatives.”

According to Côté, regardless of how crazy a concept may be, the shop wants to let people know that it brings every project to life with the accent on perfect sound and music.

Lorem ipsum was part of a passage from Cicero’s De finibus bonorum et malorum, a philosophical discussion of ethics written in 45 BC. The Lorem ipsum copy superficially resembles Latin and has become a staple/cliché in the publishing world.

Lorem ipsum text contains all the letters of the alphabet, with spaced out characters and compiled so as not to distract readers from their primary purpose: focusing on a document’s layout.



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