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Food that is most definitely NSFW

Norwegian retailer Kondomeriet gives you all the donut-related metaphors you need.


A simple way to make an impact

The Alberta Association of Sexual Assault Services wants allies to know the part they can play.

Darita Chips

Doritos throws in a towel

We’ve all been there: bright orange fingers after a bag of chips. Agency Gefen Team has a solution.


Go out and play

Artist Michael Pederson delivers an absurd twist on the great outdoors.


Send us your… oh gosh, NO!

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank might be the best possible place to send an eggplant emoji.


A new kind of non-toxic

Director Kim Gehrig helps Gillette question what it really means to be a man.


A new drink to burst your bubble

Burns Group has spearheaded the launch campaign for a new alcoholic beverage that shines without sparkle.

unnamed (7)

Don’t be a butthead

If you can’t kick your smoking habit, Gloryparis at least wants you to go after another one.

Siri tap

Hey Siri, let’s dance

Canadian tap dancers show that there’s really nothing a voice assistant can’t do.


Colonel Steal Yo Girl

You know that movie, What Women Want? Spoiler alert: it’s chicken.