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A disco for the introverts (and germophobes)

Finished that pitch? Celebrate without having to make human contact.


Oreo’s slam dunk

The new TV spot “Oreo People” is home to what this Stim writer considers the year’s hottest track.

Republic Holiday Card

Where there’s smoke there’s… Santa?

Republic’s holiday card is definitely not for kids.


Campaign schools Manitoba on engineering inequality

“Dear 2030″ draws attention to the fact that women make up a low number of newly licensed engineers in the province.


Payless plays dirty

The retailer’s latest campaign aims to highlight the risk of judging a product by its label.


Stop! Avo-time!

Avocados From Mexico is showing that they’re not just for toast.


Elton John will probably make you cry today

This season’s John Lewis holiday ad shows the power of a good gift.


Rest assured, you can yoga when you’re dead

Whether that’s a positive thing or not is up to you.

Thanks Plants

Like plants? Get up and dance!

The Flower Council of Holland thinks plants are so great, they wrote a song about them.


If you love cheese, you’ll love this

An ad by Austrian agency Traktor brings cheese and art together in an unlikely pairing.

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