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NBA Finals campaign talks trash

The campaign pokes fun at the heated fandom surrounding the finals, which kick off May 31.


Get real: Design conference highlights truth seeking

The campaign was created by Zulu Alpha Kilo for DesignThinkers, which is in Vancouver this week and Toronto in October.


WWF France tackles climate change on Snapchat

The #ArcticHotSpot feature shows the realities of our planet for a modern-day audience.


Nike flips fashion marketing on its head

The French campaign by Yard skipped the high street and went straight to the suburbs of Paris to launch its latest model.

Hold My Beer

Amstel combats toxic masculinity in new Russian beer commercial

Hey man, hold my beer!


IFEX campaign imagines a world without press freedom

The Press Freedom Day campaign features images of political leaders that are regularly challenged by the press.


Our first look at the Canadian Premier League

The men’s soccer league will debut next spring in Calgary.


Fly away with this little film treasure

Delsey Paris’ campaign features an animated short that highlights the gift of adventure.


Do you know yourself as well as Facebook does?

The Argentinian campaign encourages women to get their annual mammogram.


Smile, it’s allergy season

Reactine started an online petition for the creation of an “Allergy Feels” emoji.