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St. Louis’ solution to ‘Wingsanity’ messes

DonerNorth created extra-large moist towelettes to get people excited for the return to indoor dining events.


Whirlpool is getting couples to sign a contract for chores

With its “Fairest Prenup,” the appliance brand has couples talking about a fairer division of household labour.


Full Punch tips its cap to mental wellness

The agency has partnered with Wirth Hats in an initiative aimed to promote a source of support in the ad industry.


Justin Bieber loves Tims (and Pam)

A video promoting “Biebs Brew” has the pop star once again giving his all to make sure the collaboration is up to his standards.

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Bally’s bets on its name

Angry Butterfly’s ads for the U.S. sportsbook are light on the bet-now-or-lose-out hyperbole common in the market.

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Drug Free Kids wants to keep parents talking

FCB Montreal’s new PSA gets parents to take a positive approach to conversations about drugs, instead of scolding.


Pantene gets to the roots of an identity issue

The haircare brand aims to show LGBTQ+ people they don’t need to hide who they are at work.

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A pint of Belgian Moon you can’t drink

The beer brand has released paint colours to encourage employees to reclaim their own spaces after years of working from home.

Toronto,Canada-august 1,2015:view of the CNN towers in Toronto during a sunny day from une of the central street of the city.

Razom imagines if the CN Tower went up in flames

Tank and Grey created scenes of Canadian landmarks ravaged by war to motivate donations to Ukrainian relief efforts.


IFEX shows its support for press freedom

A campaign by Good & Ready shows how attacks on civic spaces and journalists are often one and the same.