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Articles by Jennifer Horn

The Honda next door

Ten home garages were turned into ten mini dealerships by the car brand in France.


The great (and tiny) outdoors

Hedgehogs in canoes. Need we say more?

buzz buzz

Some things are better new

Buzz Buzz Home says you can avoid ghosts, goblins and asbestos by starting afresh.

van houette

The Van of all Vans

Van Houtte likens itself to the world’s best Vans, from Gogh to Beethoven and even Damme.


Have a heart this Halloween

Skittles is being pretty sweet this scary season.


Spooky banner ads

Svedka is relentlessly following people who watch its video online. Luckily, there’s a trick to breaking the curse.

Loneliness Project

Lonely together

Designers at Lesli Ink created a safe place to momentarily dwell on the feeling of isolation.

World Vision

Hunger goes viral

World Vision attempts to move our attention from the fidget spinner to the hunger crisis in Africa.

Together Project

The gift of friendship

The Together Project’s sweet animated film (by Tendril) is a call for Canadians to befriend newcomers to the country.


Loyal dogs get the royal treatment

A Finnish pet store creates a smart collar that treats frequent shoppers.