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It’s good to be good

Lg2 and BBQ Quebec use a unique grill to reward the kindness of helpful motorists.


Scan the wallpaper, hear a story

An app that creates children’s stories out of characters on their bedroom wall.


Coors Light signals summertime

The beer brand’s cans now change colour in the sun, not just in the cold.


Superfood for super livestock

Rain43 uses Tasty-inspired recipe videos to show how well Stubborn Farmer feeds its animals.


Shake on it with a robot

Kelley Blue Book creates an android that brings the personal touch back to making a deal.


Un bateau, deux bateau

A somber ship captain helps SAAQ and Lg2 show how weed affects your reaction time behind the wheel.

Copied from strategy - Latte pop-up shop (3)

It’s never too latte to go upscale

Tim Hortons infiltrates a trendy neighbourhood to promote its new beverage.

bully ad3

A small step to stop bullying

Cartier’s campaign for Quebec’s Ministere de la Famille shows how simple gestures can make a world of difference.


Wear your love of New York Fries on your sleeve

The QSR launches a gag product line for fry lovers…unless you want it to be real.


CREA hits the stage

Having a heavy metal festival in your backyard is the latest thing that’ll make you go “ooooh.”