Jeromy Lloyd

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Articles by Jeromy Lloyd

Funeral for a fisherman

A quirky, darkly comic take on what could befall the careless boater.


An unexpected driving instructor

Nissan touches on culture and change to reach out to Saudi women.


Cringe along with Manger Things

Elemental and Original’s intentionally awfully spoof takes a good-natured swipe at creatives.


Central Station exposes its neck

Run, run, as fast as you can.


A beginner’s guide to geeking out

D&D is having a resurgence, and this time, even the cool kids are playing.


Do you know your poultry from your porn?

You have a filthy mind. Lelo thinks you might as well profit from it.


A look inside the Design Agencies of the Year

What gave Leo Burnett, Rethink and Lg2 the advantage in the inaugural competition?

Breast Cancer

The littlest time traveller

An awareness and fundraising film from the U.K. strikes a hopeful note with a young inventor.


Audio streaming in the Upside Down

A subtle addition to Spotify’s settings makes for a fun trip to a dark world.


These girls are boss

Young girls from around the world scream “Freedom” for Project Everyone.