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Cadillac offers truffles and test drives

Red Lion and the car company created a very high-end Kinder Surprise.


A taxonomy of hip hop vocabulary

A data set of 26 million words by 500 artists reveals the unique differences and similarities that exist between rappers.


The noble hustlers

Agency Eighty-Eight pens a manifesto in support of the side hustle.


Believing is half the battle

An Alberta org’s campaign for sexual assault survivors is seeing strong results in its third year.


A tool for designers in a rut

The MIT Media Lab created a Mad Libs-style game to provide instant design inspiration.


A living mural for TIFF

Bensimon Byrne, OneMethod and Narrative document the fest with artist Kagan McLeod.


The smoothest ride

Glenmorangie and Renovo make a bicycle from whisky casks.


Turtles for turtles

The Nestle chocolate brand finds an advocacy role.


Nufferton offers pyjamas for dreaming

The Swedish brand makes a music video about jilted lovers and sleepwalkers.


Via Rail takes on rush hour

The brand targets commuters with another reason to change their habits.

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