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Articles by Mark Burgess

Brutalist sci-fi classics from Penguin and the Barbican

Penguin produced limited editions of four novels for the London arts centre’s exhibition.


Armchair globe-trotting

This agoraphobic photographer uses Google Street View to find beautiful images.

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Unapologetically Canadian condoms

Canada 150 condoms offer moose silhouettes, poutine puns and premature apologies.


A history of work, in objects

Sean Hazell’s pop-up museum explores the relationship between work and identity in an age of disruption.


Nutella’s package explosion

The hazelnut spread came in seven million different jars in Italy, until they sold out.


Huawei saves the blurry man

The tech company gets existential to sell its latest phone.


Sponge-worthy business cards and designer basketballs

OneMethod gets a makeover for its sweet 16.


Frakta arts and crafts

Ikea shows shoppers how to transform its blue bags into other useful items.


MailChimp takes on marketers’ deepest fears

The small business aide addresses a black hole in new digital spots.


Last call for Passion Projects

Let us know if you want to donate an item for auction at next week’s AToMiC Awards.