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Copied from strategy - Blank supermarket products on shelves and pegboard. Front view

Design AOY Silver: Social by design

Rethink is using a social-first strategy to ensure effective designs hit social media channels.

raising the room

Raising the Roof raises the stakes

Homelessness affects families too.

Copied from strategy - OCASI

OCASI sparks controversy

With a new campaign from Public, the government organization puts a face to Islamophobia.


In an instant

The Government of Ontario and John St. take on distracted driving.

AHS_Vajayjay Poster

Get some… gonorrhoea?

No, not that some. Alberta Health Services’ racy print ads encourage sexy time, just so long as it’s safe.

tea bag holder

Bag this

Fishing polar bears make great tea bag holders. Who’d a thought?

Copied from strategy - powerlace

Shoes, a la Marty McFly

Want a pair of self-lacing shoes worthy of Back to the Future?


Who’s in control of the creative?

Lg2 finds the real cause of marketing woes.

Canada’s tech upstarts

Using mind and muscle control to pour beer and change channels.

Chocolate paint 3

Edible art

Paint that’s more than OK to eat.

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