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Ense gets saucy

The social network is inviting people to recite spicy messages to hot peppers that will be made into a sauce.


Presenting the chips of the future

LG2 might have discovered the original meaning of “surprise and delight” in a new spot for Yum Yum Chips.


Is it me, or my Tic Tacs?

The Ferrero candy promises it will make people feel like a million bucks…almost.


Magazines take the fight to mosquitoes

SMACK! A print campaign lets readers kill bugs the old-fashioned way.


Ode to a wrecked bathroom

Amazon promotes music for every occasion, including your cat pushing the contents of your shelf onto the floor.


Celebrating OOH creativity

The latest edition of Australia’s Open series has been released, highlighting work from Zulu Alpha Kilo, Taxi and Grip.


A fresh look for the Montreal International Jazz Festival

Bleublancrouge and Baillat Studio created a contemporary and vibrant redesign for the 2017 edition of the festival.


Using VR to promote railway safety

Operation Lifesaver uses a smartphone and a piece of cardboard to prevent people from stupidly walking across railway tracks.


Drive your baby to sleep from the comfort of home

Ford created a crib that mimics a car ride to help lull your restless kid to sleep.


A shocking photo booth

This machine marks people’s faces with bruises to show the prevalence of domestic violence in Germany.