dumb ways to die

Dumb ways to die

A colourfully morbid music video.


Controllable gifs

High-five a streetlight or make Snooki stumble.

radio time machine

Radio Time Machine

Video didn’t kill this radio star.

12 09 19 acting

Emmy acceptance class

How to act…grateful.

12 09 07 anti d

Positive feedback

Hear something good about yourself.


Apply here

Agency heavyweights roast themselves in mock interviews for Blammo.

12 08 17 anti d

Acting out Yelp

Real actors read out reviews.

12 07 20 kiss

Foolish kisses

A movie mashup of the best on-screen smooches.

12 07 06 cannes

New Zealand spirit

The Kiwis claim creative supremacy (because they Cannes).

12 06 29 hot dog

Spiral dogs

A lesson in the coolest BBQ meat ever.